An innovative alternative to antibiotic and antimycotic treatment

About 2QR-complex

2QR-complex is an innovative, patented ingredient for the treatment and prevention of microbial complaints. 2QR-complex neutralizes harmful microbes by blocking their adhesion to human tissue. It is comprised of highly refined and purified natural polysaccharides derived from the leaves of the Aloe Barbadensis Miller plant. It can be a liquid or a powder and has very little smell or taste.

Anti-adhesive mode of action

The discovery of the unique, anti-adhesive mode of action of 2QR-complex came after many years of research, in collaboration with the Free University in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Anti-adhesive strategies are aimed at blocking the initial binding of microbes to human skin and mucosal tissues, to prevent infection in an early stage. Anti-adhesive therapies do not affect the viability of microbes and do not destroy the healthy microbiota. Another advantage of this mode of action is the absence of selective pressure, which minimizes the risk of developing microbial resistance. Therefore, anti-adhesive agents can offer an interesting, alternative approach to antibiotic and antimycotic treatment of common health problems related to microbial disruption.

development of an infection

An alternative to antibiotics and antimycotics

The use of antibiotics is indispensable to treat serious infections. However, many less severe microbial problems that don’t require medication are often treated with antibiotics and antimycotics. Antibiotics can have serious drawbacks, including disturbance of the healthy microbiota and many other negative side-effects. To reduce the need for antibiotics and antimycotics, it would be highly preferable to treat uncomplicated microbial problems with products that contain effective anti-adhesive agents, such as 2QR-complex.

2QR-complex can be used as the basis for a variety of bio-active selfcare products aimed at the prevention and treatment of microbial imbalance and the related, common health problems. Each year many millions of 2QR-complex based products are sold in 60 countries around the world. BioClin’s bio-active selfcare products have been on the market since 1996 and many hold a leading market position.

Advantages of 2QR-complex

• Innovative mode of action blocks the progress of harmful microbes
• Effective in blocking a wide range of harmful microbes
• Does not destroy the beneficial microbes
• Does not provoke resistance (unlike antibiotics and antimycotics)
• Highly purified natural ingredient
• No known side effects
• Not known to affect medication and can be used alone or alongside antibiotics and antimycotics

Summary of the science

• 2QR-complex polysaccharides derived from Aloe Barbadensis offer an innovative way to selectively neutralize pathogenic microbes by blocking their adhesion to the cells of skin and mucous tissue membranes.
• By neutralizing pathogenic microbes, the beneficial commensal microbes can reestablish the healthy microbiota. As a result, 2QR-complex combats pathogenic microbes and corrects and restores the healthy microbiota.
• This mode of action renders pathogenic microbes harmless in a natural and safe way, has no known side effects and does not provoke any microbial resistance.
• In vitro and clinical studies show that 2QR-complex has potent anti-adhesion activity against different classes of pathogenic microbes.