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Vision behind products based on the 2QR complex

Normal flora has over 200 types of bacteria: 10.000 billions on the skin, 10 billion in the mouth, 1 million billion in the gastro-intestinal tract. There are far more bacteria in and on our body than our own cells; about 8 to 10 times more microbes than cells containing our personal DNA. The human microbial flora is based on a dynamic balance.

The vision behind the BioCin-2QR products is to restore, to correct and to balance and not to destroy the natural human flora. The micro flora is our primary defense mechanism.

A healthy and balanced microbial flora is of specific importance because:
The normal flora synthesizes and excretes vitamins  and nutrients for host cells
The normal flora prevents colonization by pathogens (competition)
The normal flora antagonizes pathonegic bacteria (biocides)
The normal flora stimulates and supports the development of certain tissues (immuno)

The 2QR-complex:

- is not based on harsh chemicals or toxic substances
- does not affect the good and useful bacteria
- has no negative impact on the body’s own cells and the natural healing process
- does not provoke resistance like antibiotics do
- has no negative side-effects, is harmless and has an excellent safety profile.

Special note:
Antiseptics and Antibiotics are biocides: harsh chemicals that kill living cells.        
Those ANTI-treatments are based on a toxic effect with  high impact and a direct, indiscriminate killing effect. It is typically a bio-chemical mode of action.
That is totally different from the 2QR-complex that is effective through a patented physical mode of action and that has no harmful side effects.