Expert care for mom and baby.


Being a mother can be exciting and challenging. Mothers know that breastfeeding is good for their baby’s health and their own wellbeing is the most important factor in continuing to breastfeed. Ideally, mothers will feel comfortable and relaxed when breastfeeding their babies. But it is common to experience discomforts that can affect how they feel about breastfeeding. For example, incorrect latching on position for the baby can cause nipple tissue to crack and become sore. This can spoil the experience and mean mothers have to stop breastfeeding sooner than planned.

For babies, teething can be uncomfortable. Problems can range from swollen gums to disturbed sleep and irritability. It is clearly important to minimize the baby’s discomfort.

The innovative Multi-Mam selfcare product range solves specific problems for mother and baby. Reassuring and effective, they can be bought over- the-counter to make life a bit easier for busy mothers.

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