The anti-adhesive mode of action of 2QR-complex makes it an ideal base for selfcare products.

Licensed products

The anti-adhesive mode of action of 2QR-complex makes it an ideal base for selfcare products designed to treat and prevent microbial disruption.  A wide variety of successful licensed products based on 2QR-complex include the following well-known brands:

PoxClin Cool Mousse relieves the symptoms of chickenpox and is used for rapid relief from irritation, itching and sensitivity associated with chickenpox in children.

The HemoClin range gives instant, cooling relief from the itch and discomfort of hemorrhoids and supports the natural healing process.

Dexem Repair Cream and Scalp lotion provides relief from the symptoms of eczema and skin irritations.

The Multi-Oral range effectively rebalances the flora in the oral cavity. Medication is often the cause of dry mouth problems and other bacterial disturbances.

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Possible market segments and product propositions for 2QR-complex

2QR-complex can be used as a basis or as an ingredient in either new or existing formulations. The product proposition should be aimed at the prevention and treatment of microbial overgrowth. We have a skin care line and an ear drop formulation ready to market for private label. Other market segments include oral care, wound care, nose, throat, gastrointestinal tract, gynecology, breastfeeding, diaper rash, acne, foot care, scalp, eye care, diabetes, peritoneal dialysis (PD), catheter gel, stoma care or anal area fissures.

Key advantages of 2QR-complex are that it does not have any negative side effects; it is completely safe and natural; and it does not harm beneficial microbes. Depending on the positioning and product communication of a 2QR-complex based product, it can either be marketed as a medical device or as a personal care product.

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