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Product propostion

Possible market segments for product propositions

2QR can either be used as a basis for new products or be used as an ingredient in either new or existing formulations. The product proposition should be aimed at the prevention and treatment of bacterial overgrowth. Key advantages of 2QR are that it does not have any negative effect, is totally safe and natural and does not affect the useful bacteria.

Depending on the positioning and product communication of a 2QR-based product, it can either be marketed as a medical device or a personal care product.

Possible market segments and product propositions of 2QR:

A healthy vaginal flora is very important in the life of every woman and problems related to bacterial overgrowth are very common.

Oral care.
Everybody understands the importance of a healthy oral flora. An overgrowth of harmful microbes directly leads to halitosis (bad breath) but also plaque and tooth decay are strongly related to bacteria. Then of course this overgrowth may lead to infection of the gums (gingivitis) or pockets (parodontitis).

Wound care.
In wound care a lot of attention is given to prevent bacteria from colonizing the tissue. Often such measures have a bio-active bacterial blocker against bacterial overgrowth. 2QR is an excellent basis for wound dressings and post wound care.

Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT).
Small children with ear infections, a cold that develops into a sinusitis and a sore throat that suddenly starts showing white spots and becomes an angina; all typical for the ENT area and 2QR offers new solutions.

Gastro-intestinal tract.
2QR has great advantages when taken orally. The most common bacterial problem of the Western world is Helicobacter Pylori that causes heartburn and other stomach problems such as ulcers. In the intestines, a good flora is of key importance to a healthy and normal bowel function. Disbalances in the flora cause diarrhea and constipation, a poor uptake of nutrients and a variety of discomforts.

The problem that acne causes to some teenagers that suffer from it is well known. Not only is this a temporary problem with great impact on the self-esteem of youngsters, often it leads to scar tissue and affected facial skin that will last for life. Acne is a bacteria-related problem.

Foot care.
The feet are an area of the body that is often neglected. Bad smell of the feet is almost a standard association. This malodor is related to poor skin flora and caused by bacteria.

A poor condition of the scalp, dandruff and even scaly skin are often related to a disbalance in the skin flora.

During the period of breastfeeding, nipple problems are quite common. Cracked nipples and damaged skin around the nipples may even become infected and can develop into a breast-infection (mastitis). This will end the period of breastfeeding which is one of the most important experiences between mother and baby. Breastfeeding is also the best food for a baby.

Diabetic patients are well known to be more susceptible to a number of problems related to bacterial overgrowth.

Stoma Care.
The skin around the stoma is often affected by the frequent change of the plaster. It is obvious that the intestinal fluids create quite a bacterial load on this area.

Conjunctivitis is a common infection of the mucosa. The eye of course is a highly sensitive organ. 2QR offers a basis for blocking bacterial overgrowth and conjunctivitis without any irritating or harmful effect.

Dialysis may cause peritonitis that results in a reduction of the possibilities for PD. 2QR offers the potential of an additive or basis in PD fluids.

Diaper rash.
Diaper rash is often related to babies. However diaper rash related to incontinence is more common, will generally play a role for a longer period of time and is often a costly effect in elderly care. Diaper rash is often related to bacterial overload from the intestines and 2QR offers great potential.

Catheter gel.
Problems related to bacterial contamination in catheterization are well know and 2QR offers excellent possibilities for a new type of catheter gel without bacterial problems.

Anal area - fissures.
It is often thought that hemorrhoids are the most common problem but actually fissures (small cracks in the anal tissue) are. It is obvious that there is a good chance of the situation deteriorating because of the bacterial load in this area.

Body odor is related to bacterial overgrowth. Although mostly very cheap antiseptics are used in deodorants, 2QR offers the potential for a new deodorizing concept. A deodorant in the form of a gel, cream or lotion with strong skin conditioning properties; especially important after shaving when the skin is sensitive.