Annelize Goedbloed and Floris Koumans, co founders of 2QR research

The early days 

During the 1980s Annelize Goedbloed, a medical biologist with a passion for nature and an open mind, was involved in clinical research looking into the properties of polysaccharides derived from the Aloe Barbadensis Miller plant.  Floris, her entrepreneurial son made useful connections and introductions to further the research and was equally passionate about exploring the possibilities.  Five years of extensive research, in collaboration with the Free University of Amsterdam led to the final breakthrough: the exciting discovery of a specific anti-adhesive mode of action.

From breakthrough to business

This sparked a new idea: selfcare products that correct and restore the balance of microbes in the human body rather than destroy them. Floris immediately saw the potential and from this breakthrough idea they successfully gained worldwide patents for the innovation and founded BioClin as part of Orange Pearl Innovation Group in 1989. Since then they have developed a range of bio-active selfcare products that help millions of people around the world with common health problems and discomforts related to microbial disturbance.

Research and development team

Research continues to be fundamental to our success and led to the development of our main active ingredient: 2QR-complex. We are leading the way in bio-active selfcare.

Our research and development team work hard.  As well as developing and testing new formulas, they  maintain an ongoing program of surveys and trials across the product range.