2QR-complex prevents binding of bacteria and yeast to epithelial cells.

About 2QR-complex

2QR-complex is an innovative, patented, anti-adhesive ingredient for the treatment and prevention of microbial complaints.  2QR-complex neutralizes harmful microbes by blocking their adhesion to human tissues. It is comprised of highly refined and purified natural polysaccharides. The discovery of the unique, anti-adhesive mode of action of the complex came after many years of research, in collaboration with the Free University in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

2QR-complex   is derived from the inner leaves of the Aloe Barbadensis Miller plant. It can be a liquid or a powder and has very little smell or taste. It can be used as the basis for a variety of products aimed at the prevention and treatment of microbial imbalance and the problems related to it.

Advantages of 2QR-complex

  • The unique anti-adhesive mode of action blocks the first initial step in infection / discomforts
  • Effective in blocking a wide range of harmful microbes
  • Does not destroy the beneficial microbes
  • Does not provoke resistance (unlike antibiotics)
  • Highly purified ingredient; no adverse effects
  • Can be used next to medication
Watch Annelize Goedbloed explain how 2QR-complex works