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BioClin's product-group Multi-Gyn is aimed at providing optimal intimate hygiene and alleviating intimate discomforts. All products are bio-active, preservative free and natural and have a unique position.

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The breastfeeding of babies is the best and most natural way of feeding during the first months of life. However, the sucking of the baby has impact on the skin tissue of the nipple often resulting in cracks of the tissue. This may even lead to infection. When the nipple is affected the pleasant experience of breastfeeding often becomes extremely bothersome and painful for the mother. This is often cause enough to cease breastfeeding. Multi-Mam products offer a complete and natural care and treatment for the nipples. The products are safe and harmless when swallowed by the baby and do not have to be removed prior to breastfeeding.

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Multi-Oral is an innovative, total concept for treatment and prevention of oral problems. Multi-Oral is especially suitable for people that regularly use medication or suffer from a (chronic) disease. This specific group are even more prone to oral problems because of the relationship with a disrupted flora and low resistance. These problems can be treated effectively with Multi-Oral.

The Multi-Oral line consists of 3 products:
Multi-Oral Spray - Treats and prevents dry mouth problems
Multi-Oral Remin - Treats and prevents bleeding gums and tooth erosion
Multi-Oral Gel - Treats and prevents oral tissue problems

All products are highly effective and safe to swallow. The formulations are based on the patented 2QR-complex. This natural substance is derived from plants. It has the unique ability to neutralize harmful bacteria by blocking their adhesion to the tissue. This biological effect is completely safe and harmless because it is not based on toxic substances or harsh chemicals and therefore it does not have any negative side effects.

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We are not always as kind to our body as we would like to be. In our busy lives it can be difficult to find the time to 'give your body a break' and we sometimes feel a little guilty about this. This strongly affects our natural energy level, resistance and well-being. Pyour consists of two highly innovative product: Pyour Detox and Pyour PreBio, combined in a powerful 5-day purifying program.

Pyour is the ideal product to 'give your body a break'. It is simple, easy and very effective to purify your body.

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DiaClin is a product line especially developed for people with diabetes, focusing on the most vulnerable areas of the body. People with diabetes are prone to a compromised skin and mucous  condition. Skin problems are therefore very common in people with diabetes. Blood glucose provides an excellent breeding ground for bacteria and fungi and can reduce the body’s ability to heal itself.

DiaClin products improve the poor condition of the skin and mucous tissues (of mouth and eye). This is achieved by reinstalling the barrier function with a sophisticated composition of emollients, emulsifiers and functional ingredients. A powerful osmolyte regulates the moist content of the area.

The main active ingredient of DiaClin is the 2QR-complex, that resists harmful micro organisms by disabling them from adhering to the skin and mucous tissue. When bacteria cannot adhere to the tissue, they are unable to grow or multiply which results in a healthy flora. Thereby suppressing problems related to microbiological infections.

The DiaClin product line consist of 5 products:

  • DiaClin FootFoam

a highly effective foam for the prevention of diabetic foot problems like dry skin, infection and poor skin condition.

  • DiaClin BodyLotion

an effective lotion to prevent dry and itchy skin, which alsoprevents infections of the skin.

  • DiaClin BodyWash

a wash emulsion, in an innovative foamer package. DiaClin BodyWash can be used to clean your body while showering or washing your handsIt keeps the natural skin barrier intact.

  • DiaClin MouthSpray

a bi-active spray for the oral cavity, that prevents and treats dry mouth and the related problems of irritated gums.

  • DiaClin EyeSpray

an innovative eye spray to prevent and treat dry eye problems. DiaClin EyeSpray can be used instead of drops, which are hard to apply when suffering from sight and sensibility loss.

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Itching, burning, irritation, ... over 50 percent of the population will, at some point in their lives, have to deal with complaints as a result of anal hemorrhoids. Over 70 percent of the women have complaints during pregnancy or after childbirth. Also seniors, people with obesity, or people with poor circulation have a higher risk of getting hemorrhoids.

There is now a new, effective tool for problems with hemorrhoids: HemoClin


  • Effective for Hemorrhoids
  • Easy and hygienic to apply

There are 2 HemoClin products; a Gel and a Spray.

The HemoClin Gel is a concentrated formula designed to treat internal hemorrhoids. This gel is easy and hygienic to apply. The HemoClin Spray is a special product for the treatment of external hemorrhoids. The spray is hygienic and easy to apply at any time of day and comes in a specially designed spray tube which can spray at any angle for added comfort.

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The Dexem line is a line of products developed to tackle the symptoms of eczema without having to use hormones to do so. Hormones damage the skins immune system and thereby relieve the autoimmune reaction experienced during eczema. This has a serious effect on the skins immune system and should be avoided if possible.

The Dexem products protect the skin from the environment by blocking bacteria and other harmful elements from attacking the skin. This blocking activity is a natural activity of the 2QR complex. This allows the skin to follow its natural path in the healing process. The products all contain nourishing ingredients that help the skin in the recovery process.

The Dexem line is made of three products focusing on the three areas commonly affected by eczema:

  • Dexem Cream: a highly effective cream for use on small areas of skin available in 30 and 60 grams. The cream is very useful for areas such as the hands, knees, elbows and other small areas of skin.
  • Dexem Foam: a soft foam that helps to instantly relieve large areas affected by eczema or irritation. The foam is very useful for large areas of skin such as the torso, the back, legs and arms.
  • Dexem Scalplotion: a relieving non-greasy lotion in a bottle especially designed to make application through the hair onto the scalp easy.
  • Dexem Emulsion: An easily spreadable emulsion designed to relieve large areas of irritated skin.

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