Neutralizing harmful microbes.  Correcting and restoring the healthy balance of the human microbiota.

What it does

The patented 2QR-complex is an innovative, anti-adhesive ingredient for the treatment and prevention of microbial complaints which affect the skin and mucosa. Selfcare products based on 2QR-complex have proven effective at treating and preventing the discomforts that occur as a result of microbial imbalance. They give direct relief from common problems which can range from itch, irritation, swelling and reddening to dry, cracked skin.

How it works

2QR-complex neutralizes harmful microbes by blocking their adhesion to human tissues. It corrects and restores the healthy microbiota of our body surfaces. Products containing the patented 2QR-complex offer a preferred alternative to antibiotics for these uncomplicated discomforts.

Watch Dr. Annelize Goedbloed explain how 2QR-complex works

Microbes colonize all of our body surfaces – both inside (mucosa) and outside (skin). About ten times more microbial cells than we have human cells live on our skin and mucosa. We host more than a thousand different species of these microorganisms. This community of microbes that inhabit the human body (or a specific site in the body) is collectively referred to as the microbiota.

The microbiota consists of beneficial microbes and harmful microbes. Most of the time, the beneficial microbes keep the harmful microbes (pathogens) in check, creating balance. Imbalanced conditions, when harmful microbes dominate the microbiota and cause problems, are called microbial dysbiosis. Harmful microbes adhere to human skin and mucosal tissues and this adhesion of microbial pathogens is the first step towards infection and discomforts. Anti-adhesive therapies focus on blocking the adhesion mechanism of harmful microbes – preventing them from binding to human tissue.